Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Stroll

After church Amy decided to take the kids on a wagon ride to the park. On the way home they stopped at a car wash and had the wagon washed. Ethan & Mia snacked on their licorice while the local swimming team scrubbed the wagon and removed all of the smashed goldfish from the seats. They did a great job. We're not sure how long it will last, but for now their ride is squeaky clean.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Downsized Diaper Duty

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Yes..we are proud to announce that Ethan is now down to one diaper a day, which is his night time diaper. Today we took him to Cabela's so he could get a fishing pole. We told him when he started going potty on the potty all the time we would go to Cabela's and he could get a fishing pole like Daddy's. Steve was so proud to help Ethan pick out his first was so cute to see them check out all of the fishing equipment. Once we had a pole picked out Ethan wanted to "test" it out. He tried to put it in the water by the beaver dam, but we quickly put an end to it.

Steve & Ethan check out a pole

Pulling the fishing line off the spool

Looking for some fish to catch

Yeah! I finally have a fishing pole like my Daddy's!!

Trying to get the catch of the day

When we got home Steve showed him how to reel in his fish. The funny thing is Steve was pretending to be the fish and Ethan said he wasn't a keeper! I think he is and I think the two of them will catch many more keepers in the future!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Costume Time

Yes we know that we are jumping the gun a little, but Halloween is only 2 months away. I was at the mall and found these costumes and couldn't resist. Since we came home with them, Ethan has lived in his and has had Mickey Mouse parades non stop (complete with cymbals). Mia is a little unsure of her's. She loves how soft it is and thinks it's a pillow. She snuggles up to it and buries her head in it. I don't think she likes the mittens or slippers..she pulls them off every time I put them on her. Winter's will soon be here so she better get used to the mittens! Steve really likes Mia's costume, but think Ethan looks a little girlish in his. I told him who cares...Ethan loves it. Steve just rolled his eyes:) (I think a black shirt under his costume will make him look more manly:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation's over....back to Reality:(

Our little beach bum

In her Daddy's arms ....happy as can be....relaxing by the sea

Out to dinner....Ethan & Mia sick of the camera

Steve & Mia beat from our day at Sea World

Ethan eats his Shamu cookie

The Tennant clan + Barbara manatee & baby
We came home from vacation on Saturday. Ethan and Mia were pretty good on the flight. Mia was a squirmy wormy and Ethan slept for most of the flight. He woke up 10 minutes before we landed and had a melt down. He wanted to watch the movie Cars on the airplane.....guess we're just going to have to go on vacation again!!! On Wednesday we went to Sea World. Ethan LOVED it, even though it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! When he saw the Shamu show he cried a little...he said he wanted to go swimming with him but couldn't because he didn't bring his bathing suit. Mia's favorite show was the Pirate Elmo Show. She danced and clapped her hands through the whole production. Of course Ethan also loved all of the fish, sharks, and other animals. We saw Barbara manatee in person and he got to feed the sea lions and sting rays. It was such a fun day!! We didn't leave the park until 7:00pm. The rest of the week we relaxed at the pool and played at the beach.

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Ethan feeds the Sea Lions

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Ethan & Barbara Manatee meet

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Ethan & Daddy meet one BIG sting ray!!!!

Saturday night we frantically unpacked because Amy started back to work Sunday..yuck!! It was hard for her to leave Ethan & Mia. Today when she came home Mia seemed very happy to see her. We pray that this transition is smooth. At Auntie and Buddy's Monday Ethan & Mia got along like little fighting and no hitting. What is it with kids when they are around other people????? They NEVER act like they do at home behind closed doors???

We are working on a video show for all of our vacation pictures....we hope to post it later this week. These pictures are just a sneak preview:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yes....didn't you know the new baby food flavor was fresh rock shrimp scampi???? Mia absolutely LOVED the shrimp. So much so that she would bat our hands away when we tried to give her baby food. We are going to call Gerber and make a suggestion. I never would have imagined that she would like it. So far there hasn't been anything she doesn't like! CRAZY!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun at the Beach....and Some Unexpected Sea Life

Daddy & Mia

Dolphin or Shark???

Mama, Ethan & Pa walking back from the pier

Ethan & Barbara manatee (Ethan is her #1 fan-o-tee:)

What is that you say??? Yes a GIANT leopard stingray!! Wouldn't you be afraid to go in the water now????

More big fish & sea life by the pier

Mia playing in the ocean

We are having a great time here at Cocoa Beach. Mia even likes the ocean! Ethan is slowly getting used to the sand and will wade in the ocean as long as he is holding onto some one's hands. Today we walked out onto the pier and saw some things that remind me why I am not too fond of swimming in the ocean.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cocoa Beach

Ethan on the plane 6:45am bright eyed & bushy tailed
Steve does his best to entertain Mia....she was quite squirmy

Waiting for us to put their seats in the car, Ethan zonks out...we must have been too exciting!

Well we made it to Cocoa Beach at lunchtime today. We didn't have as much luggage as we thought we would.....Steve took control of the packing and we ended up with 5 checked bags and 2 carry ons. Not too bad considering two of the checked bags were care seats! (We had more luggage when we went to pick up Mia) All went fairly well considering Mia got up at 3:30 am and never went back to sleep until we were in the air. Ethan was so excited when Amy went to wake him up. When we arrived in Orlando we had to pick up our car. Ethan fell asleep in the stroller while we tried to put the car seats in the rental car. We were able to put both car seats in the car in under 5 minutes....a new record for us!!! Ethan of course is having a ball swimming in the pool. He even ventured out into the surf with Grammy & Pa....a HUGE step from last year where he only stood on the sand for 2 minutes before he was done with that. Mia has turned out to be a little fish and is not afraid of anything. Steve holds her back while she floats in the pool. She also loves to get her face wet. By the end of the week I think we may come home with two fish rather than 2 kids:)

Pa, Grammy & Ethan head to the beach
Pa & his "kiddo" come back from a stroll on the beach
Our bathing beauty...what a diva!
Ethan doing his monkey impression
Steve teaching Mia how to float
I like this more please!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

3 Years Ago Today....

Ethan's referral pictures

Three years ago today we fell in love with this little boy. We got the phone call that changed our lives FOREVER. Sherry called us from our agency to tell us they had a referral of a little boy. She sent us these pictures. One look at those eye & cheeks and we were in love!! We were a little concerned because Ethan had been with his birth mother for two months and only weighed 7 lbs when he was brought in. Today he is still a peanut but those cheeks and big brown eyes still melt our hearts.

Three years may have gone by, but we fall more in love with this boy each day.

His eyes....

His dimples....

And his smile melt our hearts every day.

We have begun the dreaded task of packing for vacation. With two little ones I dread that task.....two cars seats, diapers, etc...I can only imagine what we will look like at the airport. Ethan & Mia are packed, now we just have to do us. We were hoping that the space shuttle wouldn't launch today, but no such luck. If they would have rescheduled it for next week we would of had prime seats for viewing it. Oh well, maybe next time!
We also want to give Michele Wilson a big shout out........August 9th is her 30th birthday!!!! Happy birthday Michele!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Rolling Hills Water Park

The wave pool

The kid area

Daddy could you wipe the green beans off my face so I can swim???

Mama can I go swim like Nemo now??

Splish splash Ethan!

Mia had so much fun she fell asleep on her Daddy in the pool

Yep....still asleep

And on the ride home asleep again

Ethan sawing logs on the way home......If this keeps up we are going to have to get earplugs!

Today was another steamy day. To combat the heat we headed to a local water park with the Wilson & Wilt families. We had a splash of a good time, and got a sunburn too! At first Ethan didn't like the water getting in his eyes. But once he saw Kendal & Katherine playing in the water, he joined in the fun. His favorite things were the water slide and the lazy river. One thing he wasn't fond of was the waves in the wave pool. This isn't a good thing because we leave for Cocoa Beach, FL next Saturday. I think we will spend most of our time by the pool rather than the ocean. Sorry Pa....maybe next year:) The park closes Labor Day weekend and we hope to make another trip back before then.