Sunday, September 30, 2007

Maestro Please

The Maestro turns to the right page in his music

On my cue now....A one and a two and you know what to do!

Getting into the music & conducting
Watch me for the cut off now
Ethan conducted his first concert today with his one person band. He was so funny moving his conducting baton all around. Surprisingly he really did have some sense of what he was doing. We need to get Auntie Sarah to give him a few pointers though ( or maybe he can give her a few:) At the end of the concert he got a standing ovation. "Encore, encore," Daddy said!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Foto Friday

Got Milk???

Holding her bottle....such a big girl

Rub a dub dub

Wow...bad hair day Mia???????

Here are some random pictures we came across that haven't made it on the blog yet. Nothing special ....just wanted to post. (Are you happy Amy Wilt.......we're on a roll☻)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Grandma Thelma's Dress

Last Christmas Steve's Grandma Thelma had given us this dress that she made herself many years ago. The dress was put away until great granddaughters came along. Finally we were able to put it on Mia for her to model. We think there is such an innocence about her in this dress...maybe it's all the smocking....or maybe it's because Grandma Thelma made it....whatever it is she looks like such an angel. Thanks Grandma Thelma......we wish all of her clothes made her look and act this precious.

Fishing excuses

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Here fishy fishy

Where did all the fish go Daddy???

Saturday Steve took Ethan fishing for the first time. (We should note that they fed fish rather than catch any:) We were nervous about how Ethan would do, but he LOVED it. Steve is excited that he has a new little fishing partner. His new partner will even touch the worms with no complaints!!! Even though they didn't get the catch of the day, Ethan got some Daddy time. Where was Momma & Mia......of course having Mommy time shopping:)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cookie Monsters

Kendal shows everyone how it's done

Lauren sneaks some dough

The quality control department

"Needs a little sugar," Katherine says!

Can't you see the cats, bones & pumpkins??? Edible abstratct art we call it:)

Kendal did the frosting

Friday night we normally get together with the Wilt & Wilson families. This week thy came over to our house. We had dinner then attempted to do cut out Halloween cookies. The cookies we used were precut and all the kids had to do was remove the excess dough. This is what happened when 3 almost 3 year olds attempted to do this. The cookies were supposed to be bones, cats and pumpkins. Oh well.....they still tasted good. Katherine & Ethan couldn't keep the raw cookie dough out of their mouths. They were the "quality control" department:)

36 months....1095 days later....3 years all to fast!

Three years ago today we held our little Ethan Michael for the first time. The minute we looked into his big brown eyes our hearts melted. (Oh and we couldn't wait to kiss those cheeks!!!!) Ethan was a few days shy of turning 3 months and weighed 9 pounds. 36 months..........1095 days....... 3 years later our little man is still continues to make our hearts grow bigger each day. He now is a big brother and weighs a whopping 26 pounds! Every day we thank God for the wonderful opportunity that he has provided us with this little boy. When we accepted his referral we were quite unsure if we were doing the right thing. Now we know the Lord has led us down this sometimes very eventful road, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Each year this day seems to come quicker, wow life really does go by fast!

Here are some pictures of him 3 years later.......he is growing up WAY to quick!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bug Eyes

We are in deep clean mode right now. (You would have thought we would have done that BEFORE Mia came home:) I came across these glasses that went with a 60s hippie costume. Ethan put them on and said he was a fly because he had big eyes. He became my fly guy! Mia of course wanted to join in. I thought they looked cute on them and Amy Wilt said I needed to post more. So Amy this one's for you:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

A vist to Jackson

Karen, Sammy & Mia at the park

Ethan walking the plank

Love the "do" Sammy!!

Mia looking sweet

Such an innocent face!

Sunday afternoon we headed up to Jackson, MI to visit the Nickols family. We had a WONDERFUL time!!! Ethan kept saying "I like Sammy....Sammy is a boy" It's a funny statement because most of his friends are girls. Right now he doesn't appreciate this and I know that all too soon that will change.

Look what we found in our pumpkin patch

Maybe if I tilt my head back I can get the entire block in my mouth

Karen & Amy took the kids to the park while Lane & Steve got dinner ready. After dinner we had the boys help us carve fake pumpkins. Sammy & Ethan didn't know what to think of them. They kept blowing the light bulbs thinking they would blow them out. They were proud of their pumpkins and put them on the mantel.

On the way to get ice cream

Sammy & Ethan test drive the new double stroller

This is Lane's banana this is NOT the dare to be great sundae

This is a JUNIOR sundae
Sammy drinks his ice cream
Now we have war paint
Have to get every last sprinkle
Yes Lane.... we are IMPRESSED you are eating that!!!
Can we come here more often????

We took a walk to the local ice cream shop called The Parlour. Let me tell you I have NEVER seen ice cream like this before in my life!!! At The Parlour, customers have the opportunity to try to conquer the “Dare to be Great,” which consists of 21 scoops of assorted flavors of ice cream, pineapple, chocolate chips, marshmallows and strawberries, topped with nuts, sprinkles and 10 cherries. I wonder how many calories are in the bowl!!! After ice cream we all "wobbled" back to their house and hung out. It was a fun day for all. Tuesday they leave to visit their daughter in Guatemala. We pray for safe travels for them and that they will be back there soon to bring her home FOREVER!!

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