Monday, June 9, 2008

One Year Ago....We Were On Our Way

We were Pink....our Embassy appointment was June 12, 2007

One year ago we were on our way. They time had finally come. We were on our way to Guatemala to bring home our daughter. A new chapter of our life as a family of four began.

It is hard to believe that a year ago we were boarding a plane on our way to bring home Mia. The past year has been filled with so much joy and happiness. We definitely had some moments wondering if we would survive. One year and a few more gray hairs later we are here as a family of four. Mia has settled into a routine and it seems like she has been with us much longer than a year. Ethan's nose is now back in alignment and he actually likes his little sister. He likes playing with her and teaching her about things. Mia has grown into a happy carefree little girl who adores Ethan and mimics EVERYTHING he does. (Including picking her nose:) She loves babies, Elmo, and coloring. But in a year we have noticed Miss Mia has a temper. Her mood can change on a dime and she has been know to spend some time in "timeout". Everyday gets better and better. We thank the Lord that he has led us to Ethan and Mia, I can't imagine our lives without them. We waited for almost one year to bring our little girl home and we continue to pray for our friends Lane & Karen and Bill & Arden. May the Lord bring their girls home soon so that they too can celebrate a year of being a forever family!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Pirate Party

Pirate Sammy

The birthday boy

Jumping on the jumper

Boarding his pirate ship

On the lookout for the treasure

Mia & Lane bouncing

More fun on the jumper

The boys having fun

The party girl

Miss Mia wouldn't let me get her picture from the front

Look at my new ride Momma

Once Mia opened this was at her side

Walking her baby

Opening presents

Lauren making a fashion statement

Mia's cake

Ethan's cake

Happy bithday to you

Happy 4th birthday Ethan

Happy 2nd Birthday Mia

The pirate party was a BIG hit! The kids loved the bouncer (although it did get hot in the afternoon so they all had to put socks on). It was up at 11:00am and didn't get taken down until 8:45pm. (Definitely worth the money!) Because we combined both of their birthdays we thought that Ethan and Mia had to have their own cakes. Mia's cake had Elmo, Dorothy & Mr. Noodle on it and Ethan's was a pirate ship complete with the Veggie Tale's pirates who don't do anything. Instead of normal birthday hats, we found pirate masks. Both of the kids received many wonderful gifts. Mia's favorites were the baby dolls, especially the one Ethan got her. Ethan loved his bike, pirate ship & leapster.! With all of Ethan & Mia's new toys it is time to go through everything and reorganize, besides on Mia's birthday (June 25) it is half way to Christmas...only 6 months left:) (Don't laugh but I just bought a Christmas present this week)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pink Pirates????

Look what we found just in time for our pirate party. We had such a good time today! Right now we are all exhausted. More pictures and fun to come:)