Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 years ago today

Ethan was placed in our arms FOREVER!!
Our little pumpkin
My guys
Embassy day

Landing in AMERICA!!!

Ethan's first day at home

Six years ago today we were at the embassy in Guatemala City with Ethan for our appointment. He officially became a member of our family. We flew down to Guatemala October 31, 2004, our appointment was November 2 and we flew home November 4. My has time flown by! I remember this day well because it was election day and there was concern for our safety as we entered and exited the embassy. I even tried to vote down there because we didn't realize that we would be traveling so soon. Six years later Ethan has grown into those cheeks and grown in our hearts. Everyday we thank God for him. He is such a joy to have home (most of the time:). Since then he has also become a big brother, some days he likes that role and other days he's in denial. We have had SIX years of joy and happiness with Ethan in our lives, we can't wait to see what lies in the future!

Back then the time frame for Guatemalan adoptions was running around 4 months. Ethan's adoption took under 3 months to complete from referral to pick up. If things could run that smooth then....why can't they run that way now??? Right now I just shake my head in amazement. I pray for all those waiting to bring home their little ones and for all of the children in Guatemala who are without families, waiting for adoptions to reopen. May the unnecessary and often ridiculous delays end and these children be placed in their families forever.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Night

Posted by PicasaHappy Halloween! I know I haven't updated this blog in ages, but I am really going to try to update it more often! We had a wonderful night tonight trick or treating in the crisp fall air. The color of the leaves were BEAUTIFUL and the sun was painting the sky a rainbow of colors. Ethan and Mia went as Toy Story characters. Mia was Jessie and Ethan was the green army man. We made Ethan's costume ( yes I did spray pain his clothes..it took 14 cans of spray paint to get the plastic army green look). After layering many clothes and putting on their costumes, Ethan & Mia were ready for some trick or treating. Ethan made a map this year, complete with compass as to our route for the evening. He said he needed a map because he is a boy scout now and that's what they do. We are wondering if next year we will graduate to a GPS! We followed the map and went through the neighborhood making sure to hit all of the highlighted spots. Right now we are the in "quality control" mode. (AKA Mama and Dad pick out their favorite sweets:) In a few days I'll be over all this sugar, but right now I am in heaven!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miss Violet #1

Monday evening I had the opportunity to photograph this cutie. Miss Violet has the sweetest smile and giggle. And those eyes.....BEAUTIFUL! She was such a good sport letting me take so many pictures in the blazing heat. Thanks Violet for all your smiles:) Happy birthday!

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Miss Violet #2

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Miss Violet #3

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Miss Violet #4

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Miss Violet #5

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