Friday, December 28, 2007

FFF - Winter Wear

Since there is no more denying the snow is coming, we went and got Ethan snow pants and boots. When we tried everything on he thought he was pretty cool! In fact he walked around the house like this the rest of the night. It's funny to see what things excite a 3 year old!

Christmas pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Lights Before Christmas

The Wilt Family
Our Frosty Family
My babies all bundled up
The beautiful lights
These are some glasses
Our snow babies

What are you doing to me??? Trying to freeze me???
Ethan and his new glasses. When you look at the Christmas lights you can see snowmen. CRAZY! (See below)

The Wilson Family

The girls flock to see Lauren's new baby
Ethan helps Mia unwrap her first Christmas present ever:)
What is this??? A stroller!!!! YEAH!!!
Our 12 days of Christmas began last Friday when we celebrated with the Wilt & Wilson families. We went to the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo. It was cold but tolerable. Ethan & Mia were able to use their "snuggle sacs" to stay warm. They must have worked because Ethan didn't complain of the cold at all. After that we had some pizza and exchanged gifts. We thought Mia wouldn't be into unwrapping her gifts, but we were wrong! She wanted to get in the action! It's so fun to see the kids play. We all went to the same college, so to see our children playing and growing up together is such a blessing!

Friday, December 14, 2007

FFF- Sweet Fun!

Mia looking for some french fries

Sammy LOVES Buzz light year and got a costume for his birthday. He couldn't get it on fast enough!
Hey how does this gun work??
To infinity and beyond!

Mia was hiding in the corner and would come in and "clean up" the sprinkles from the floor
Yes these are the "lite" version of their cookies!

This past weekend we went to Sammy's birthday party. Ethan & Mia had a blast! They got to play at McDonald's and eat french fries! After the party we went back to Lane & Karen's to bake some cookies. They boys decided that they would "help" put the sprinkles on the cookies. This is what we ended up with...about a pound of sprinkles on each cookie!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ethan's Gifts for Mama

Humm....What can I get my Mama????

Today Steve asked Ethan what he wanted to buy his Mama for Christmas. Ethan said, " Let me think. I think Mama would like milk, elephants, and a new fish!". Oh my! I wonder what will really end up under the tree!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

FFF- Santa's Little Helper

These pictures are from an impromptu photo shoot we had when Ethan came home. As you can see the hat didn't fit on his head. Oh well! He still made a darn cute Santa!
I also came across this card and thought that I would post it for all those moms out there.
"When you're little and full of dreams, your Mom holds your hand so you won't float away."
Have a great Friday!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Town

Ethan stands in amazement taking it all in

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This is Christmas Town to us

Yes 99.9% of the store is breakable. Therefore we opted for two SEPARATE strollers today. We wanted to minimize the damage. It worked out well. Mia just sat back and looked at everything. Ethan was able to get in & out as he pleased.

Ethan sits on Santa's lap

Yes Santa, I've been a very good boy this year!

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Santa explains that he has 3 keys: One to unlock the chimneys & doors to deliver toys, one for the toyshop & Reindeer barns, and one to unlock your heart so the magic and love of Christmas can come in and fill it up

Mia has a Santa meltdown

Ok I've got myself back together now...all is well

Mia's jingle bell look

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The black Christmas tree

Look Mama! We found a Guatemalan flag here! Who would have thought a Christmas store would have one???!!

They had fun waving their flags, but got them taken away because they then turned them in "swords"

The giant Santa waves good to us. See you next year Santa!

Today we went to see Santa at the world's largest Christmas store, Bronner's. When we stepped inside Ethan's jaw dropped and his eyes grew. He was in amazement of everything. First thing we did was visit Santa. Ethan sat on his lap but Mia wanted nothing to do with him. Once we were done with that we started looking around. Halfway through the store Ethan was a little concerned because he forgot to ask Santa for something. We asked what it was he forgot to ask for. He said socks, underwear, and undershirts. (Hey... he's practical) We told him that we would write Santa a letter and explain that he forgot to ask for them. It took us 2 & 1/2 hours to make it through the store. They have anything and everything related to Christmas. (Including a black Christmas tree??) After that we went to dinner at Zhender's for their famous chicken. All of ate so much we were miserable. We drove around downtown Frankenmuth to look at the decorations then headed home. It was such a fun day! Seeing the joy & excitement in Ethan and Mia makes me realize how blessed we are to have them in our lives. It also makes me wonder how did I find this joy before they came along?