Monday, October 29, 2007


Run Mia, run...but I think you're going to need your broom in order to fly

Ethan & Mia had their Halloween shirts on today, so I couldn't resist a photo shoot. Believe it or not we found Mia's shirt at Cracker Barrel (go figure!). It has a little cape on the back and she loved running to make it fly. Ethan still won't take off his pirate hat from his new costume. Oh well they are having a good time and not fighting, so I don't mind:)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scurvy Pirates

The new band of pirates that just set sail in search of Halloween treasure
Captain Daddy & First mate Ethan
Argh... Matey
Buccaneers in search for the Halloween booty
Captain Daddy with our pirate in training

If you don't give me some candy, I'll make you swab the poop deck!

Walk the plank if you don't have candy for me!
Shiver me timbers...I found the treasure

We're not looking for doubloons....just candy
Our little scallywag

So we now have plan B for Halloween. Steve had to dress up for work Saturday for "Kids Night Out". He said he didn't care what costume I bought, it just couldn't be "lame". Since Ethan likes pirates so much, I thought it couldn't be more fitting. On the way to the costume shop I walked past Old Navy and noticed that Halloween costumes were on sale. Since I found Steve a pirate costume, I thought I would look for one for me. That then led me to Old Navy to buy Ethan & Mia theirs. In one trip to the mall we became the pirates who don't do anything. Once I got home with the new costumes, Ethan couldn't wait to put it on. Since then we have had a hard time getting him out of it.
**notice we made Mia a girl pirate with her little clippies:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Unicef's Trick or Treating

This Halloween thousands of American kids will go door to door collecting spare change for the less fortunate children of the world at the same time they collect candy for themselves. For more than 50 years, Trick or Treat for UNICEF has been a popular way to give greater meaning to a holiday whose main purpose is the consumption of refined sugar. But families should consider where Unicef’s money is going, before they take part in this seemingly innocuous fund drive. Unicef is currently working on political campaigns to halt international adoption in Guatemala, a country where some 67% of the indigenous children suffer from chronic malnutrition* and adoption by an overseas family may be the best option for some of them. New laws that Unicef helped introduce could shut down adoptions on Jan. 1, 2008, leaving more than 3,000 Guatemalan children in limbo. These are children who have already been relinquished by their birth mothers, matched with adoptive families in the U.S., and in many cases have met and stayed with those families. The families have already undergone extensive screening. Most critically, these orphans have no permanent homes in Guatemala. They are staying temporarily in foster care while they wait for their adoptions to become complete. Given the country’s very limited orphanage capacity, they could end up homeless. Why would Unicef want to block these children from going to the loving homes that await them? The answer lies in a perhaps well-intentioned but grossly misguided effort to reform Guatemala’s adoption system to make it compliant with the Hague Convention on inter-country adoption. One purpose of the Hague Convention is to require that all possibilities of adoption by a relative of the birth mother or by a local family are exhausted before the orphan is allowed to be adopted by an overseas family. This works better in theory than in practice. When introduced in countries like Guatemala that don’t have the means to absorb all their orphans, this supposed reform virtually closes a country to overseas adoption, leaving more children without homes. If Guatemala suddenly stopped adoptions without a grandfather provision for in-process cases to continue, it would victimize at least 3,000 orphans who have already been assigned to American parents. Unicef has been a driving force for adoption reform in Guatemala and, as a group that provides funds for food, medicine and other humanitarian relief; it has enormous power over Guatemala’s lawmakers. And in recent weeks those lawmakers proposed to stop all adoptions, including cases already in process, apparently with Unicef’s blessing and encouragement. Several press reports recently have described Guatemala’s adoption process as one in which wealthy Americans fly down, pay $30,000 and leave with a baby. This is just not true. Guatemala has extensive safeguards in place to make sure all its adoptions are legitimate. A baby must undergo two separate DNA tests to prove a relationship to the mother relinquishing him or her. The birth mother undergoes extensive interviews with Guatemalan family court social workers to document why the baby is being placed for adoption. This process takes at least six months, meaning that thousands of parents who started their adoptions in good faith under the laws that were in place at the time are now waiting to bring their babies home. Requiring them to start all over again under a new set of laws is not a viable option. It could take years before a new system is finalized. Clearly, international adoption deserves rigorous oversight. And in a perfect world, it might make more sense to place orphans with relatives or neighbors in their home country. But in a perfect world, there would be no orphans in the first place. Guatemala today is a country that simply cannot support all its orphans. It is a country that needs inter-country adoption to provide a better life to at least some of children who have no other options. By Unicef’s own statistics, only 20% of the children living in rural areas complete even a primary school education. By all means, wealthy industrialized nations must provide aid to the poorest countries to help them eliminate poverty and malnutrition so that fewer children are orphaned in the first place. But they also need to recognize that change takes time and that hastily introduced reforms can do more harm than good. This Halloween, American children who really want to help should think of the 3,000 Guatemalan orphans Unicef has turned its back on, and leave their Unicef boxes at home. *Statistic provided by

To sign a petition that endorses a boycott of Unicef Trick or Treat click here.

Favorite Foto Friday

This is my favorite picture of Steve & Mia from our visit to Indy. Mia had such a great time playing in the straw...sometimes it was had to keep it out of her mouth

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Indy Photos #2

Tyranny....the pumpkin eating dinosaur

Ethan leads us through the corn maze

What the heck is this stuff Mama???

Ethan rolling in the straw

Hi! this foreshadowing????

Grammy & Ethan hunt to find just the right pumpkin

Going for a hay ride

Scott & Sarah

Ethan pets the Ox

After all that pumpkin fun Ethan relaxes in the hammock

Indy Photos #1

Ethan sliding at Bouncer Town

Ethan & Mia trying to play ski ball

Ethan holds his pumpkin out ready for some trick or treating

Can I have some candy now???

The merry go round had 2 seater animals...Ethan & Mia got to ride a shark

Auntie Sarah & Miss Mia

Wow look at all of the fish Mama!

Here sharky sharky!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Visit to Indianapolis

Well this past week has been BUSY!!! Amy & her parents left early Thursday morning and headed to Indianapolis to visit her sister & brother-in-law. This was the first big car ride for Mia and she wasn't a big fan of it. She didn't cry but grunted most of the way. Ethan loved watching the DVD player. (The movie of choice was Spookley the Square Pumpkin)

Once we got there Ethan & Mia took a nap then we just hung out. Friday morning we went to Bounce Town. (A place that has blow up jumpy things) Ethan had a blast. He loved jumping and hopping around. He tried to play ski ball but didn't get the concept.

Friday night we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo for Zoo Boo. The entire Zoo was decorated to look "spooktacular". Of course we rode the train and merry go round but the biggest thrill was the ocean exhibit. There were huge salt water tanks full of sharks, jelly fish, and coral reefs. Ethan could have spent hours there! Next to the aquariums was a big "touch tank" where you could actually touch sharks. Ethan 's arms weren't quite long enough to touch the sharks yet, but he had fun trying!

After Steve got off work Friday he made the trek down to join us. He arrived at Scott & Sarah's at 2:00am but oops, we forgot to leave the door unlocked for him. He called us and was let in.

Saturday we went to Waterman's Farm to pick out pumpkins. Ethan picked out a pumpkin that looked like Larry from Veggie Tales. But what impressed him more was Tyranny, the pumpkin eating dinosaur. Mia was NOT a fan of Tyranny and cried every time he growled and ate his pumpkins. The kids played in the straw and we went through a corn maze and enjoyed the great weather.

Sunday we had breakfast and lunch before heading home. We are still unpacking but had a great visit! Sarah & Scott's house will never be the same! Each day we were there we "child-proofed" it accidentally. During our visit we managed to break a glass fish, a picture frame, get locked out of the house, and turn off their surround sound system. Let's just say that we gave them a good taste of what parent hood is and our visit will either make them want some kiddos or be good birth control:)

Stay to come

Saturday, October 13, 2007

BJ's Pumpkin Farm

Our pumpkin head

Ethan & Pa

Hay ride fun!!!

Pa pushes his little pumpkin through the patch

Wow that's a big cat!
Ethan in the corn maze......he tells Grammy that they need a map

Our pumpkin bumpkin

Yes..what can we say??? Yet another pumpkin farm! Today was our weekend to work so Ethan & Mia got to spend the day with Grammy & Pa. We don't know who has more fun...the kids or Amy's parents. Today Grammy & Pa decided to take them to a local pumpkin farm more geared to toddlers. Ethan had a blast!!! Of course he loved going in & out of the corn stalks and searching the fields for just the right pumpkin. Mia is still unsure of this weather and her coat. She spent the time in her stroller just soaking it all in. They get to spend the day with Grammy & Pa tomorrow too, we asked where the field trip was going to be. Ethan suggested Sea World:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village

Fall fun at Greenfield Village

Mickey Mouse bundled & ready to go

Poor Mia can't move

The line of pumpkins that greeted us at the front gates

Mia still can't move but at least she has her costume off (we left her hat on so it looked like she was still wearing the entire thing)

Ethan's favorite pumpkin he saw

One of the workers

More pumpkins

A little chilled but having a great time

.....and more jack-o-lanterns

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Daddy and his voice of reason vote to take Mia out of her costume

My what a difference 5 days makes in our weather! Sunday it was 90 degrees and today in was in the lower 50s. Tonight we went to Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village. Over 800 hand carved pumpkins lit the way around the village as we went from station to station trick or treating. Because it got down to 40 degrees tonight we had to bundle up the kids. Ethan handled the bundling & the cool weather well. Mia however wasn't impressed with it. In fact she only made it to the end of the parking lot in her costume. The problem was she was so bundled up that she couldn't sit in her stroller. She really did look like the kid from A Christmas Story. Once we got her out of her costume, she seemed to be much more comfortable. We spent about an hour walking around getting lots of goodies and looking at the pumpkins. (They were even giving away beanie babies) Ethan had such a great time he asked when we could go back and do it again!