Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Photos

Today we had our pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. It went better than expected. Ethan didn't have his usual big smiles, but I'm sure we'll get them the next time. The photographers ended up taking 90 pictures.....these are some of our favorites.

What a crew

The best photo of all!!

Not sure about this brother-sister thing


Yeah picture time!

Pretty in pink

What a little Diva!

She didn't want to touch the flowers

Picture perfect

Can I go to the beach???

Where's Nemo??

What a handsome little man!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Year Ago Today......

Mia at 1 day old

Zoila, our gift from God, and Mia at 1 month old

2 months
4 months
5 months
7 months
8 months

10 months

11 months

A year ago today we learned of Mia. Born June 25, 2006, weighing only 4lbs 2 oz. My how things have changed! We NEVER thought we would have brought her home almost 2 weeks ago. At the time we thought she would be home by Christmas or at the latest in January. We have since learned to trust that everything happens in God's timing and that we can't hurry him along, as much as we would like too. Mia turned one yesterday and we had a small celebration. No big party, as we don't think she's ready for big crowds yet. She really likes her Leap Frog Lilly she got from Auntie Sarah & Uncle Scott. She also likes her doll house Grammy & Pa got her. When it came time for her cake of course she was all about the frosting! She ate it like a lady for awhile, using her spoon, but then just dove into the bowl.

Look at me I'm one today
The pretty birthday girl
Yeah, I get to have cake and ice cream!!
What a mess!!
Zoila (Mia's Foster Mom) also sent her an email wishing her a happy birthday. (How sweet☻) Zoila continues to battle her cancer and has 8 rounds of chemotherapy scheduled. We ask that you continue to keep her in your prayers. Today we celebrate the miracles that God has done for our family in the past year and the miracles that will be done in the upcoming year!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ethan- Ready for Dancing With the Stars

Shake it Ethan, shake it

We're not quite sure what's going on here

Now we have added our feet too☻

Watch me Momma

Watch out Mario, you may have met your match!

Ethan has found the Latin Rhythm in his blood. We brought him back some maracas. He gets them in his hand and starts to shake his groove thing. Today he had his shoulders & hips going at the same time. I think we have found Mario Lopez's replacement☻

Daddy Does My Hair

Oh are we going to have fun with this hair! With a little product, we'll be all set!

Ethan why are you laughing?

I'm not to sure what you did to me.

Yes you too can have this look!

Mia's pigtails are her antennas to help her find her Cheerios that she spilled☻

No Daddy didn't do this to Mia. Mommy did. Today was Steve's first day back to work & I though it would be fun to try something different with her hair. She didn't seem to mind me playing with it and for the most part left them alone once the bows were in her hair. Oh the fun we are going to have!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mia and Her New Peeps

Today, the Wilt and Wilson families came over to see Mia for the first time. That meant there were 6 children in our house all 3 years old and younger. It was CRAZY!! But we all had a GREAT time. Mia just sat back and watched everyone. She really liked playing with Griffin. After dinner the kids headed to the pirate pool where they had a blast splashing and playing with Ethan's sea creatures. It is going to be so fun watching all of our kids grow up together!
Kendal, Katherine & Mia
Kendal gives Mia some lovin'
Uh Oh....These two look like they could get into trouble. are friends NOT food!
Daddy & Mia
Argh Matey!
Lauren checks out the ship
Walk the plank!
Griffin, Mia, Rob & the neighbors dog Sadie

Ethan today also proved that yes indeed he is all boy. He picked is nose, then decided he didn't want the booger out of his nose. Then he tried to shove it back in his nose. Luckily I caught him trying to shove it back in and stopped it. I'm afraid of what's going to end up there next!!

On a more serious note, we got an email from Mia's Foster Mom, Zoila. She did have her surgery on June 11. It didn't go as well as we had hoped for. She found out she has stage 3 cancer. I am begging for prayers from you. This woman is an incredible gift from God to us. She took care of Mia for almost 12 months, putting her own health aside because she didn't want to give up caring for Mia. This news has broken my heart. Zoila has a scan scheduled for July 2, and I pray that we hear good news.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ethan teaches Mia to swim

Mia & Mommy hanging out at the pool

Mia gets her feet wet for the first time

Ethan pulls Mia's Shrimp Boat

"You swim like this Mia," Ethan says

Mia blowing bubbles. We can't seem to get her to understand that you do that in the water☻

Grammy taking Mia out for a swim

I LOVE the water!!

Are you taking a picture of me???

Ethan, do you have enough toys in your hands???

Today we gave Daddy his Father's Day present a few days late. We sent him fishing. With Daddy gone, Ethan decided that he wanted to go to Grammy's house and swim. So we packed up the car and headed on over. When we got there the water aerobics class was still in session. Ethan hopped in the pool and joined all of the other "Grandmas" in their exercises. When it came time for Mia to get in the pool I was a little nervous because she doesn't like her bathes. We got on the first step and you would have thought that this little girl was a fish! She LOVED splashing in the water and riding in her shrimp boat. Ethan thought it was fun to pull her around the pool. Ethan called himself Mia's tugboat. The swim must have tired everyone out because right now my little fishes are sleeping so soundly. Hopefully we can make another splash later on!