Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Fall Fun...Warning Picture Overload

Sweet Noelle in awe of all the pumpkins

Ethan counting playing hide & seek while we were trying to take pictures

Mia not wanting any part of pictures today

Tough man Sammy standing on the pumpkins

Sammy, Karen & Noelle

Sammy is King of the pumpkin patch

Sammy & Noelle

Another attempt at a picture

Sammy & Ethan play leap frog over the pumpkins

Noelle got a bag of popcorn and couldn't eat it fast enough

This is good stuff!

Noelle modeling her new glasses

Ethan making a "thunderstorm of straw"

Miss Mia having fun

The boys thought they could use their muscles to move the big pumpkins

Ethan's frowny face when he realizes they can't budge the pumpkins

My handsome boy

The girls riding on the pumpkin train

Yes I still have my popcorn

Mia looking "spooktacular"

Get that camera out of my face please Mama

Mama got caught in one of Ethan's thunderstorms

Having fun in the straw

Ethan & Sammy make another thunderstorm of straw

The girls decide they are going to make their own storms

I know you are getting tired of pumpkin patch pictures but it is all that we have been doing lately. Last weekend Lane, Karen, Sammy & Noelle came for a visit. (Noelle just recently came home from Guatemala and is the same age a Mia) Karen & Amy went to an all day scrapbook event while the guys watched the kids. Sunday the guys went fishing while the girls watched the kids. Sunday Amy & Karen took the kids to a pumpkin farm to let them have some fun. Boy did we have fun! We played hide & seek in the big pumpkins, rode the pumpkin train, and played in the straw. When the guys came home Steve cleaned the fish and we cooked it up for dinner. The kids got along so well we know we will be doing things like this again!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holiday Photo Shoot First Pics

Amy took Ethan & Mia to get holiday pictures taken Saturday. We decided to go for nontraditional pictures this year. We went to the same photographer who took our celebrate adoption pictures (Studio Suzanne). Of course Miss Mia didn't want anything to do with the pictures and I don't think we got any of the two of them together:( Oh well maybe next year! Here is a sneak peak at the proofs. Once we get the rest we will post them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

First Field Trip of the Year

Ethan & Mama picking and apples
Mia found a nice one

Playing in the straw....his favorite part of the day:)

Having fun with baby in the straw

Look at me, Daddy, I can get messy too!!

Trying to get smiles but no luck:(
Hiding & Seeking

How messy can we get???

Today Ethan had his first field trip for the year. We went to a local apple orchard for the morning. It was cold and a bit breezy, but we bundled everyone up and had a great time. We first went on a hayride out to the orchard. The tractor stopped and we got to pick some apples. Then we saw the pumpkin patch and bee farm. When the ride was over we were able to watch how apple cider is made. Then we had fresh doughnuts (they were still warm...oh so yummy!) and apple cider. On the way out we found the straw pile and Ethan & Mia had a ball playing in it. They would bury themselves and play hide and seek in it. We came home covered in straw but had a great time!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is here!

Fall Beauty

Pumpkin time

Now which one should we pick?
Chillin out on a pumkpin
Catch me Mama
Burping baby
Baby & Mia in the wheelbarrel
Standing on the pumpkins

How many pumpkins tall are we?
Say cheese

Look at the straw

We stopped by a pumpkin stand after we picked Ethan up from school on Friday. Ethan & Mia had a blast looking at the pumpkins and running through the straw. The trees looked beautiful and the air was crisp & cool. Fall is here and we are loving it!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fishing Family

A few weeks ago Steve decided it was time to take Ethan fishing in the "big" boat. I thought that Ethan would enjoy spending the day with his Daddy catching some fish. Steve got Ethan up at 6:00am and they headed to Port Clinton, OH. They went fishing on the walk on charter "Sassy Sal". Ethan did very well and enjoyed it so much that his leapster didn't even come out for entertainment! The boat left at 8:00am and came in at 3:00pm. I was nervous that the trip was so long. But he had a ball. In fact he even caught some fish (perch to be exact). On the ride in he did fall asleep in Steve's lap but who can blame him. I think there will be many more fishing trips in the future for the two of them!! I pray that they continue to go this well!