Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Canadian Ritual

Steve's version of a scrapbook store

I thought a stick was just a stick??? How many can there be? (5 rows to be exact!)
Getting fitted for skates

Ethan's first steps
Hey look at me!
Ethan's new skates, just like Daddy's
Mia's skates
Mia's first step
Look I can walk by myself!
Mia gets the hang of this

Getting fitted for a helmet

Now how can Mia play hockey without a bow??

Watch out here's Mia the Hockey Monster - Complete with scar (that story to come later)
Steve in all his glory
Now getting fitted for elbow pads
In January we made the pilgrimage to Canada to buy Ethan & Mia their first pairs of ice skates. I had been through the ice skating ritual with Steve before because I took a class in college and I needed a new pair. To say Steve was disgusted with our selection of skates here in the good old USA is an understatement. I ended up getting my skates in his motherland. Steve's Dad met us at the hockey store to witness this historic event. Yes I looked like the crazed American taking pictures every 2 seconds but I didn't care. Compared to the other kids shopping for skates, my kiddos were old. In think they fit the kids for their first set of skates on the way home from the hospital when they are born. Anyways, Ethan and Mia were SUPER excited that they were able to get skates like Daddy. At first Ethan was wobbly...but soon got the hang of walking in them,Miss Mia has a ways to go. In fact he even started jumping and spinning. His Daddy quickly reminded him that those were HOCKEY skates. With our new sports gear in tow we had dinner with Grandpa Bruce then came home praying for cold weather so we test everything out. It was such a fun day...who knows you may be looking at the start of the first Guatemalan hockey team for the Olympics:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Morning Fashion Show

We went to the early service at church on Easter then stayed for breakfast there. When we came home I tried to get some pictures of Ethan & Mia. These two kiddos have become wise to their Mama and her camera and don't stay still for too long. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day! We went to Grammy & Pa's to find their baskets and have dinner. We played outside and ate LOTS of candy (especially peeps:). What a great way to rejoice in the Lord and celebrate.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What's up with the CRAZY birds?

A few weeks ago we started spring cleaning and washed our windows. Since then we have been waking up each morning, not to birds singing but to birds crashing into our windows or pecking at them. It's seems to be multiple birds that keep doing this. We have had birds crash into our windows before, but never this repeated, or this deranged. It starts in the morning and continues throughout the day. I keep thinking that sooner or later these birds are going to kill themselves. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I wish they would just sing to us instead!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Is Back...And so Are We

After some time off...(uh almost a year) I am back to the blogging world. I hope to be able to post much more often. We hope all is well with you!